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wares: alden indy boots

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Upper: Full grain brown waxhide leather.
Lining: Heavy, 100% cotton duck with leather facings at eyestays, back, and top.
Outsole: Oil-resistant Neoprene with with interior-tempered steel shank from heel to ball for maximum support.

More menswear love. Yesterday I went shopping for my boo and had the best of times in a little store called French Trotters on Rue Vieille du Temple, which carries among other brands Acne, Rocky Mountain Featherbed, and Our Legacy. While I was there I ran across not only the spectacular limited-edition Quoddy boots they carried last season, made specially for the brand by request of the manager of the Parisian French Trotters boutique, but also the above Indy Boots by American shoemaker Alden.

The company is based in New England, something I think the French find sort of mythical and charming, and this boot, the 405, was named the Indy after Harrison Ford wore them in the Indiana Jones movies. Whether or not that’s particularly appealing they’re stunning, with that lovely heaviness boots have when you hold them in the palm of your hand and try to hold balance with them as they seem to shift their weight back and forth from heel to ball. I think they’d look great with most things from this collection and almost anything at all on Nerd Boyfriend, my other obsession.


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June 25, 2010 at 9:49 am

wares: anniel sport shoes

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I’m doing a sort of massive overhaul of my clothing lately (today), trying to get rid of the piles of things I bought when I was younger that I liked for their quirks and replace them with soft, good quality, cozy things in a smaller color range that all go with each other. (Also: can’t afford/don’t have physical strength to get all my crap home.) You might think this sounds like a mind-numbingly boring wardrobe, but it’s how the French live and also how they look so effortlessly put together all the time. They pile on layers of clothing – scarves, blazers with rolled sleeves, boyfriend sweaters (probably belonging to their Actual boyfriends, since it’s so unfashionable to be single here) –  in agreeably similar gradients, all falling in soft layers or nicely juxtaposed against the occasional angled shoulder or heel.

So yesterday I picked up a pair of supersoft suede shoes in a good neutral heather green color with little string laces, and then looked up the brand online. Turns out it’s kind of a cult thing: according to Cool Hunting, “Originally designed for performers in Italy’s piazzas, the family-run label Anniel Sport has been producing extremely pliant ballet and gymnastics shoes in streamlined silhouettes since 1976. The rubber-soled shoes gained popularity in Japan, setting off the idea of using them as streetwear and spawning even more styles and colors. Today, the collection consists of shoes and handbags in saturated jewel tones and buttery-soft Italian leather.”

So basically, I love them, and will wear them all the time, when I’m not wearing the suede version of these. Love any shoes that seem like the kind Philippe Petit might design if he made a line for young bright-eyed tightrope-walker-hopefuls.

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June 20, 2010 at 12:36 pm

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wares: jean yu eden briefs

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Jean Yu Eden brief | silk-chiffon blend, cutout back

These are so beautiful I think I’d be tempted to mat and frame them if I ever decided to spend two weeks’ pay to call them mine. Jean Yu is a Manhattan-based designer whose handmade lingerie is a modern combination of gauzy materials and strong lines, all free of underwire and padding and available made-to-measure, delivery 4-8 weeks from fitting. I love the contrast of geometric seams and cutouts with breathlike fabric – her work reminds me of Jil Sander‘s stark-but-delicate aesthetic.

Happy Easter!

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April 4, 2010 at 12:40 pm

wares: cartier modernist ring

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Cartier Modernist Ring, 18kt gold & lapis lazuli | circa 1969

This reminds me a lot of the kind of glamour I associate with cocktail parties of the Rosemary’s Baby era. YSL, haircuts by Vidal Sassoon, Pyrex, the Dakota, dirty martinis, and Charlie Manson on the news.

The Beach Boys – Good Timin’

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March 23, 2010 at 1:11 am

wares: acne ahawi dress

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Acne Ahawi Dress | Shirtdress with folded collar & rolled-up sleeves

I’ve decided to start a little section dedicated entirely to showing you pieces of clothing and other objects, portable by hand or body, that I like. I’ll try to keep this from becoming the overwhelming subject matter of the entire blog – it’s a legitimate risk.

Today’s is the Acne Ahawi dress, which is a wonder of tailoring the likes of which I’ve never slipped into before: a glorious heavy cotton, with several swatches in subtly-different weaves, a neckline of perfectly-tucked folds with rich amounts of excess fabric, pre-rolled sleeves to just below the elbows, and  a length suitable for wear over slim dark jeans or alone, in summer.  I like the simplicity of the white and black versions best. Can’t wait to wear it with a hat and sandals.

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March 20, 2010 at 1:28 am

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