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Still so grey in Paris…

It has been too long, I have been archi-busy at Soundwalk and was in Venice last weekend for Carnevale. It was fantastic –  we arrived in a big rainstorm and felt totally inundated, with canals on both sides and puddles underfoot. Our hostel was lovely (Absolut Venice, if anyone’s going), one narrow street away from the Grand Canal and cozy, with a knit-capped, pierced-lipped, wizened front desk man and a jug of Venetian wine free to everyone in the living room. We got our own little flat for four people, with a kitchen and washing machine and four white beds all in a row. We spent most of our time in the city wandering, met up with some friends, had a lot of red wine and gelato, bought pretty masks, and saw some gorgeous costumes and views of the Port of Venice. You can see my pictures here.

Right now I am sitting on the couch in my apartment watching the France/Ireland rugby match with my little frère and his endearing puffy-haired friend. The two of them already tried using sports as an excuse to sneak beer from the fridge but were intercepted by their mother. They are now drinking apple juice and stuffing themselves with chips and cocktail nuts. France is winning at the moment, 17-3, so everyone is happy, and I’m completely entranced by how musclé all of the players’ legs are. I’m sure football players’ legs are just as ridiculous but they’re not all wearing shorts like these blokes.

Here are two songs that remind me of summer, even though it’s arctique outside.

Henny ft. Pill & Yelawolf – I’m a Freek

Soon I’m going to do a post exclusively of Pill tracks, because I love his Atlanta twang and franchement think he’s really pretty hot. This is one of those sort of charming hip-hop songs where they encourage you to feel good about yourself, and reminds me of riding the NYC subway to the beach in summertime. Mmm. High points: at 0:22, he sounds like MIA, and at 2:13 like André 3000; the fact that at one point they spell out F-R-E-E-K reminds me of how big spelling things was in rap like 15 years ago.

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing                             Video here

I’m still not 100% sold on the Drums – they seem a little affected to me – but I saw them unintentionally at Automotive High School in Brooklyn this summer when I was there to see Troll 2. They were skinny and tall and hopped around a lot; the lead singer looks like every blond bowl-cut-haired kid you ever went to first grade with, all grown up. This song has been stuck in my head all week, and now it’s stuck in yours. Go find someone to play shimmy-shimmy-coco-pop with.


Written by bellaheureuse

February 13, 2010 at 7:22 pm

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