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better together – images from Keetra Dean Dixon and elsewhere; songs that led to each other.

//Every Breath You Take

Police – Every Breath You Take

Puff Daddy – I’ll Be Missing You

So my ma is a big fan of Sting (as, apparently, are my host siblings – the other night I asked how to say lie in French and my host brother broke out into a heavily-French-accented chorus of “Eetz a lie-ah zat ve don’t beleeve ennymore-ah”). I personally remember sitting on the floor as a 12-year-old, listening to “I’ll Be Missing You,” Puff Daddy’s bummer of a ballad about missing Biggie, on my white Radio Shack radio and thinking about how long a weekend was for a girl to be separated from her 6th-grade crush.

//Just Between You and Me

Notorious B.I.G. – Big Poppa

Gwen Stefani – Luxurious

This is my ringtone in the states and makes me want to grow out my blonde hair and get my nails did. Cha-chaaang.

Hi-Five – I Like the Way (The Kissing Game)

Hi-Five’s 1991 single. Any band that names an album Quality Time has my vote.

Soul Clap – Kissing Game

Boston DJs Soul Clap sampled Hi-Five and house remixed it.

//I’ve Got Your Back

Jackson 5 – It’s Great to Be Here

And hence:

Afrika Bambaataa – Death Mix Live (Part 1)

Soulsonic Force’s first recording, 1980.


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