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Basti Grub – El Latino

Basti Grub is a German producer and DJ whose album, Hohenregler Is Geregelt, is out now. According to the English translation of his biography on myspace, even from a young age, “While other kids were playing in the sandpit…He misplaced sounds and already tried to regulate the treble.” Just think of all the sound misplacing and treble regulating you could have gotten done if you hadn’t spent so many afternoons playing in sandpits when you were a kid. Admittedly, this song is a bonified little jam.

Another one: this has me rapturous –

Stimming – Song For Isabelle

I’ve rediscovered how much I love dub. This song is everything that dub should be, which is to say, an evocative tapestry of opposites – hazy, dark silt with sparkling, water-droplet-like top currents; four-to-the-floor synth underpinnings meshed beneath layers of wobbly steel drums and dub delays. It starts to get really sexy at around 2:00 – if you’re constantly reevaluating which level holds the rhythm, it’s doing its job.



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January 4, 2010 at 6:06 pm

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  1. I would be so happy if you could record a few of these marvelous pieces for me to listen to while I work (not while I drive). I’d never have found them!


    January 19, 2010 at 8:11 pm

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