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rodents and alber’s rabbit ears

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My mother commented, seeing my new silk scarf below, that she’d just read a great article about Alber Elbaz, the current head designer for the French marque Lanvin, one of my absolute favorites*. I also read such an article a few years ago, and find him to be an enchantingly roly-poly chap who happens to design the most heartbreakingly elegant things. Also because I failed so miserably when L. asked me to describe the aesthetic of Lanvin for her, here’s Ariel Levy on what makes the house so fantastic.

*Another of my absolute favorites is Acne, and as luck would have it, Lanvin and Acne collaborated earlier this year, which really just amounted to my wallet losing a good amount of weight at the Acne store on Greene St, NYC.

On another street, this one in Paris, L. took a picture of me standing in front of what at first appeared to be a weird taxidermy shop, but what turned out to be a store selling all sorts of poisons and traps for slaying n’importe quel type de rodent. Here’s me outside this shop, appalled but so fascinated. Also for your information, I’ve used a system of probably completely false cognates to deduce that the English word ‘rodent’ comes from the gerund of the French verb rôder – to lurk, thus obviously proving that in English ‘rodent’ means ‘lurking.’ This I find hugely funny.


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November 17, 2009 at 1:16 pm

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  1. a bird pooped on your jacket! oh wait no, that’s just the glint. NICELY DONE.


    November 18, 2009 at 8:37 pm

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